About Us

Jogja Painting is an Art Agency which 3D Art, Mural, and Painting as our products and services. Our head office in
Indonesia, in the city of art Yogyakarta. Our team consists of determine & high integrity team, skillful & talented
Artist, who devoted to professional ethics.

We never stop to create artworks since 2013. Wherever we go in every corner of the world, whatever the art
medium we work, every customer needs, no matter the budget you have, we definitely make it happen happily.
Because we’re here to bring the magic of art.

We provide anything you need, including:
Realistic Mural Painting
3D Trick Art Painting (Our specialty)
Floor Art Painting
Decorative, Sketch Mural Painting
Canvas Painting, Merchandise
Room Decor Mural Painting
Lettering/Typography Painting
Wax/Wood Sculpture
And whatever you need, just contact us for more information

Art People…
Let’s make ART, not WAR!!

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