by Jogja Painting, August 10, 2017


Café or restaurant is one of the kind of place that needs interior and exterior decoration that is unique and interesting to increase visitor attraction. Mural is a solution in the midst of increasingly high competition in the world of culinary industry, which force us to be more creative and innovative in attracting customers. Nowaday, 3D Trick Art is the most popular.

Trick Art is a two-dimensional painting that uses visual illusion to look real or three dimensional. Art Trick Art can be categorized as an art that manipulates the human vision and is often called optical illusion. Using color blend, perspective, and detailed lighting techniques creates amazing 3D effects.

3D Trick Art uses three main elements in the creation of the illusion. First, the illusion of geometry refers to the concept of an object structure. Second, the physiological illusion is the process between the brain and the eye. And third, the illusion that put forward the taste and reason (illusion of psychology). The combination of these three illusions creates a new perspective on the work shown. And humans who look will be surprised by the work because of the effect that looks so real.

Jogja Painting is ready to present 3D Trick Art to increase customers attraction, and make them return to visit your place. If you are still confused about how to make 3D Trick Art in your place, we have displayed some 3D Trick Art ideas to add your reference in decorating your café or restaurant.

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