by Jogja Painting, July 19, 2017

Are you getting bored with the look of your private room? Are you intended to change something in your room to make it more lively? Redecorate your room using wall painting. Wall painting is a technique of decorating walls by painting walls using paint. Personalized your room with your favorite color.

What is the advantages of wall painting?

When compared with wallpaper or wall sticker, wall painting is more durable. The old wallpaper will usually peel off because of the adhesion to the wall surface is reduced. But not for wall painting. Wall paint is less likely to exfoliate because the painting is directly painted on the wall. So it will last longer.

Wall painting is more flexible than others. Wall painting can reach areas that are difficult to reach using wallpaper. Suppose the folds, the curve of the wall, will be difficult when using wallpaper, but very easy if using wall painting techniques.

If the wallpaper is exposed to dirt, it will be difficult to clean, while wall paint is easier to clean.  We only need to clean the wall using a certain liquid or repaint the dirty part.

Another advantage of wall painting is that it is easier to be changed. When you want to change the style or the theme of the painting, we  just need coat it with the new paint according to the new design.

So, you are no longer need to worry to immediately redecorate your room using wall painting techniques. Jogja Painting will be happy to realize your dream room. We will give you an example of painting project we have made here to give you some idea of the design.

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